NCCM Roll Technologies was developed as a legacy company from the 3M non-woven mill roll product business in 2009.

NCCM® Neutral Premier Yellow, holds the best performing product, position, reputation and history, in the processing metals and has consistently dominated the market  since 1993 as the premier non-woven roll. This bright yellow roll is well respected and known as “simply the best” and “the one and only” trusted by its customers and coveted to its competitors.

NCCM Roll Technologies has exclusive rights with 3M to the raw materials to convert, manufacture and sell cover rolls to our expert Value Added Resellers (VAR) around the world, our VAR’s are committed to their customer relationships to shaft and technically engineer each mill roll position and application with NCCM to best serve the mills and our customers.

Our Premier Non-woven cover rolls are supplied to processing metals in primary metals market, serving both Steel and Automotive industries.

NCCM Roll Technologies acquired 3M’s proprietary information, so we can maintain its trade secrets and continue to improve performance, through quality, commitment and customer service.

As NCCM Roll Technologies is committed to being “leaders in the industry” of processing roll technologies, we have heavily invested into product develop capabilities.  NCCM engineered roll technologies has a singular focus for roll applications and is committed to being industry leaders, in the primary metals market.


NCCM® Neutral Premier Yellow non-woven rolls are considered the premier roll covering for primary metal and AOEM stamping operations. NCCM is the only non-woven roll manufacturer authorized to use exclusive 3M material. World-renowned quality and performance make our NCCM® Neutral Premier Yellow non-woven roll outperform all others.

Long life | Cut resistance | Superior fluid control | High coefficient of friction | Self-healing | Custom engineered

NCCM® N2 non-woven rolls are specifically designed for primary metal applications as a replacement to traditional rolls. NCCM® N2 non-woven rolls are a high value roll at a competitive price.

Moderate to long life | Cut resistance | Superior fluid control | High coefficient of friction Self healing | Custom engineered

NCCM® NS non-woven rolls use Soft Touch Technolgy for demanding applications with lower

pressure requirements such as bright stainless steel reversing mills. They provide a nice performance/price balance when compared to other rolls.

Moderate to long life | Cut resistance | Less edge wetness | Lower pressure requirements Self healing | Improves edge wetness | Custom engineered


NCCM® RK non-woven rolls are designed to be the world’s best bridle roll and the top choice as a large diameter bridle roll. It is recognized for consistent and long-lived coefficient of friction in some of the most demanding operations, particularly aluminum applications. The NCCM® RK non-woven roll delivers superior results on continuous coil lines and sheet processing lines. In instances when competitors’ products created bridle slipping, a NCCM® RK non-woven roll resolved the issue.

Very long life | Cut resistance | Custom engineered


NCCM® CX & CX-Plus non-woven rolls are specially engineered to perform in aggressive chemical environments such as electrolytic lines for tinning, chroming or galvanizing. They can also be used on pickling, caustic cleaning or coil coating lines. NCCM® CX & CX-Plus can make a significant contribution to increased productivity.

Reduced line downtime | Reduced maintenance costs | Improved process control Maintaining integrity of process fluids | Fewer coil surface defects | Lower energy costs


NCCM® RU non-woven rolls (patent pending new manufacturing technology) are designed to be the best table and deflector rolls on the market. NCCM® RU non-woven rolls are based on a revolutionary new manufacturing technology and are engineered to outperform traditional roll coverings.

Cost effective | Long life | Chunk out resistant | Cut resistance | Reduce marking | Reduce noise

NCCM® T- Roll is specifically designed for table or conveyor roll applications as a replacement to traditional rolls. The NCCM® T-Roll is a high value non-woven roll at a competitive price designed for specific applications.

Non-marking | Longer life | Repairability | Low cost of ownership


NCCM® Wiper Bar II are made from non-woven synthetic fibers formed into bars. They can make a dramatic difference in your processing line operations because they are durable and resist tearing caused by sharp, ragged edges on metal coil strips.

NCCM® Mill Wipes are similar to NCCM® Wiper Bar II, but NCCM® Mill Wipes have a more porous construction. NCCM® Mill Wipes have superior oxide retention capabilities, a critical factor for applications which require oxide/debris removal. They also posses a non-abrasive cleaning surface and superior fluid control. NCCM® Mill Wipes have a layered construction, and a used layer can be removed to expose a clean work surface.

NCCM® Tannery products are custom engineered to withstand water, chemicals, high pressure, friction and heat while remaining durable and maintaining their shape. They are an excellent choice for sammying machines and tannery operations.

Durable | Accelerated drainage | Pressure, chemical, heat and abrasion resistant | Cost effective