TolketStarTool is pleased to introduce the redesigned TST.1. surface cleanliness analysis system. The all-new TST.1 is a second-generation iteration featuring enhanced laser technologies and field serviceability.

The TST.1 quantifies surface contamination (organic or inorganic) on-line, without contacting the surface, and continuously in-production. Immediately see and measure cleanliness when cleaning section parameters change. Use statistical process control (SPC) to optimize cleaning section performance, cost-per-ton, and quality.

Permanent Installations: The TST.1 system is available in three configurations: 1, 2, or 4 heads. Four head system (in diagram below) enables measurement of both sides of sheet, before and after cleaning section.

The TST.1 heads are protected with filtered air in stainless steel cabinets. They may be traversed across the sheet, measuring variability across the sheet.

Temporary Installations: When operating as a remote system the TST.1 is extremely simple to use as a quick measuring or auditing configuration (as shown in the photos below). The basic TST.1 system can be set-up and taking measurements in less than five minutes if electrical power and a mounting location are readily available.

Interested to evaluate this cutting-edge system on your process line? Want to see the capability of your cleaning section equipment? There are many options to evaluate your process and equipment with the TST.1, including online demonstrations, auditing plans, and rental packages. We are extremely confident you’ll be impressed with the TST.1 — and impressed with the savings it will provide. Please contact us to discuss tailored proposals for your evaluation of the revolutionary TST.1.


Instantly monitor, trouble-shoot, and optimize cleaning section performance using the pertinent metric: surface cleanliness. Save money by throttling the cleaning section to meet requirements instead of wasting money running unnecessary cleaner sections or components — particularly when some equipment does not contribute. Obtain immediate feedback on cleaning section changes. Optimize maintenance scheduling. Hold upstream providers accountable. Verify sub-section performance. Collect digital data at precise locations on the coil’s surface or aggregate of entire coil’s surface.


Confirm surfaces are adequately clean to accept coatings and emerge from annealing furnaces free of stain — alarm when not. Obtain a record of cleanliness for each coil.