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Cleaning and Flap Brushes
Star Tool & Die offers a full line of 3M Scotch Brite™ cleaning brushes and flap brushes. Our brushes are available in a variety of grades and mineral types to match your requirements and provide the degree of aggressiveness you need.

Use in Many Applications (Graph Provided Below)
3M Scotch Brite™ cleaning and flap brushes can be used in a variety of applications to clean and finish metal sheets and coils:

  • Remove debris and contamination from surfaces to create a clean surface for subsequent coating operations.
  • Improve the surface appearance. Provide a consistent satin scratch pattern and other cosmetic finishes.

Choose the type that's best for you
Scotch Brite™ brushes are available in two general constructions:

  • Cleaning brushes consist of Scotch Brite™ discs ganged on a steel core.
  • Flap brushes consist of a Scotch Brite™ material bonded to a perforated steel or phenolic core.

Typical Applications for Scotch Brite™ Brushes

  • Coil cleaning prior to coating
  • Reclaiming sheet and coil
  • Coil plate cleaning
  • Pickle smut removal
  • Finishing copper, brass, steel and aluminum sheets and coils



Typical Applications for Scotch Brite™ Cleaning and Flap Brushes

Clean & Finish "Type T" Cleaning Brush
Ultra-light duty cleaning operations.
Finishing Flap Brush (& High Strength version)
Cleaning and finishing larger surfaces that require a higher degree of flexibility.
Cutting & Polishing Flap Brush
Cleaning and finishing applications that require a more aggressive brush or a brighter finish.
Cleaning & Finishing Cleaning Brush (& High Strength version)
Light-duty operations to clean sheet and coil stock. Reclaiming applications, finishing applications, light oxide and stain removal and preparing surfaces for coating.
Cutting & Polishing Cleaning Brush
Heavy-duty cleaning and polishing of sheet or coil stock that requires a more aggressive product or higher polished finish remove heavy oxides, stubborn contaminants.
XDR Flap Brush
Bonded and reinforced for long life and high wear resistance in cleaning or finishing application.
XDR Cleaning Brush
Bonded and reinforced for extended durability in tough, high-wear, high maintenance applications.
Clean and Strip Cleaning Brush
Heavy-duty cleaning to remove rust, corrosion, light mill scale and other surface contaminants from metal sheet or coil.


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