3M™ Cleaning and Flap Brushes

Star Tool & Die offers a full line of 3M Scotch Brite™ cleaning brushes and flap brushes. Our brushes are available in a variety of grades and mineral types to match your requirements and provide the degree of aggressiveness you need.

Use in Many Applications (Graph Provided Below)
3M Scotch Brite™ cleaning and flap brushes can be used in a variety of applications to clean and finish metal sheets and coils:

  • Remove debris and contamination from surfaces to create a clean surface for subsequent coating operations.
  • Improve the surface appearance. Provide a consistent satin scratch pattern and other cosmetic finishes.

Choose the type that’s best for you 
Scotch Brite™ brushes are available in two general constructions:

  • Cleaning brushes consist of Scotch Brite™ discs ganged on a steel core.
  • Flap brushes consist of a Scotch Brite™ material bonded to a perforated steel or phenolic core.

Typical Applications for Scotch Brite™ Brushes

  • Coil cleaning prior to coating
  • Reclaiming sheet and coil
  • Coil plate cleaning
  • Pickle smut removal
  • Finishing copper, brass, steel and aluminum sheets and coils